K-Nine-Cool pads:
Availabe in a green polycotton or a taupe nylon/polyester blend only.

These pads will have 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" channels. They will have polymer crystals that you will have to activate. To activate, you soak the pad (or collar) in cool water 20-40 mins (depends on size of pad)  to hydrate the crystals which will turn to gel. Do not over soak, soak until the channels or collars are filled with the gel but not overly swelled up. These evaporate slowly, which cools the dog. They will stay hydrated 2-4 days depending on weather conditions.  Can be reactivated over and over.

These are not machine washable or dryable. It is recommended to hang in the sun when you want to dry them out. Hand wash in a mild detergent or a solution of white vinegar/water. Be sure to rinse throughly.

These are not recommended for dogs that chew their bedding or that would be left unattended with the pads.
These pads do not have to cover the entire bottom of your crate.


Cool Vests
These vest have channels where they are most needed on a dog which are on the sides at their ribs, under their belly and on the front of the chest. Bound in black 200 denier binding. Velcro closures in front and at chest for easy on and off.

These also have the cooling crystals which must be activated in water and will keep your dog cool while walking or waiting to go in the show/obedience/agility ring.
Instructions on use are provided with every order!

We have 3 styles of dog cool vests.
1st style: Outer layers are a cotton/polycotton. Inside channels are a taupe nylon. We have red, navy, hunter green, tan, hot pink, rose, teal and royal blue for the outer layer. Inside channels will either be a green polycotton or the taupe nylon/polyester.
2nd style: Outer layer is a cotton/polycotton with a strip of Textilene mesh at the top (has holes for air flow). Inside channels are a taupe nylon. Same colors as 1st style.
3rd style: Outer layer all Textilene mesh, inside channels taupe nylon. Click here to see all the Textilene colors.

You will need to measure your dog's girth. This is around the fullest part of his chest. If you have a dog that is in between sizes, let us know, we'll be glad to do a vest to fit them. These don't have to be a perfect fit, a little loose is better than too tight.

Pictured above are Starla and Vega both wearing a small size vest. The vest does not have to come all the way back to the base of their tail.

Prices Style 1:
XXSmall fits 11"-13" girth: $10.00
XSmall fits 12"-14" girth: $13.00
Small fits 15"-18" girth: $16.00
Medium-Small fits: 18"-21" girth: $18.00
Medium fits 22"-24": $20.00
Large fits 26"-30" girths: $24.00
XLarge fits:30"-36" girths: $28.00

Prices Style 2 (same girth sizes):
XXSmall: $12.00
XSmall: $15.00
Small: $18.00
Medium-Small: $20.00
Medium: $22.00
Large: $26.00
XLarge: $30.00

Prices Style 3 (same girth sizes):
XXSmall: $14.00
XSmall: $17.00
Small: $20.00
Medium-Small: $22.00
Medium: $24.00
Large: $28.00
XLarge: $32.00

Cool Ties for people just tie around the neck. Available in hunter green polycotton or a taupe nylon only. They are approx. 2" wide and 36" long. Some shops sell these for $15-$20 each.
Price: $6 each or 2 for $10.00.

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Hunter Green Cool pad
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Assorted Cool Vests
Starla on left and Vega on right modeling our cool vests.