*Name & complete mailing address INCLUDING zip code. 
The address SHOULD match the address on your Paypal account.
*Payment method: NOTE: If you don't have a Paypal account, I can now send you a money request from Paypal and you can pay with your credit card. Please select the correct option. If you have ever registered with Paypal you do have an account with them even if you haven't used it in a while.

Please use the product order box for items you need to order. You MUST include in the text boxes ALL of the following that applies to your order:
You can put all the product info in the product description box if ordering different items or sizes or colors.  Just leave a space between items.
Just be sure to put "see above in the other text boxes below.

If ordering one item you can fill out all the boxes or put the info all in the product box. Whichever is easier.
1. Item & Style # (if available). If ordering more than 1 item, please put item #1, Item #2, etc.
2. Size/sizes for each item.
3. Color choices for each item, color # and name if noted on fabric page.
4. Quantity. If item is sold in sets, please put 1 set, 2 sets, etc. If not sold in sets, just put 1, 2 etc.
5. Additional info: Is for any extras you want added or special instructions.

Shipping methods: 1st class, Priority, Parcel Select via USPS. 
1st class is for smaller items weighing 16 oz. or less such as dog diapers, snoods, fly masks etc. 
Priority is usually best for 1-3 goat coats, a large order of dog diapers, fly masks etc. 
Parcel Select is usually best for heavier orders (over 6-8 lbs).

If you are not sure which shipping method to select, just send me an email, I'll be glad to helpI won't know how much shipping is until I have your order and get a total figured up based on your zip code and package weight/size,

Priority now includes insurance for orders up to $50 in value.

Insurance is added for ALL orders over $25 and will be added to your shipping total.

Please don't forget to click on the submit button below.

If you need to start over, just click on the reset button.

NOTE: Clicking on the submit button ONLY places your order, it does NOT pay for it.

Only a buyer can access their Paypal account or pay with Paypal using their credit/debit card.
I can not charge your account nor do I have access to your account.

Once an order is submitted I will be in touch and will send you a request/invoice from Paypal for payment. Just follow the instructions in the email you'll get from Paypal.

*Phone #:
*Paypal email and/or contact email address: If you have an email address for each please enter both and please specifiy. Be sure you enter your email correctly.
*Preferred Shipping method:
1st class for lightweight items, Priority for any item and heavier items and Parcel select for heavy items/orders over 4-5 lbs. though to some zip codes Priority is best even on heavier items/orders.
*Insurance on USPS parcels.
Priority service includes free insurance for orders up $100.
Insurance will be added to 1st class packages if your order is $25 or more.
*Product item/description and Style # if available.
*Color Choices:
*Additional info I may need on horse blankets and goat coats and any extras such as leg straps or bellybands on these items. .If these don't apply to your order, please enter none in the text box.
Your address on this form MUST match the address on your Paypal payment. NO exceptions. I do not use this order form to print your postage label. I use Paypal and the address on your payment is what will be printed on your postage label. To comply with Paypal rules I have to mail orders to the address on your Paypal account I can not change this.  Be sure your address on Paypal is UP TO DATE before paying. SEE  BELOW in red text for more info.
*Front closure choices for goat coats and goat sheets. If you are ordering a goat coat or sheet you *MUST* select a front closure.
Hook/Loop is the generic name for this brand name closure. It's the same closure I've been using, just a different name.
*Lining choices for goat coats ONLY. If you are ordering a goat coat you *MUST* select a lining.
Note: it is an additional $2.00-$2.50 per coat if you select the sherpa or fur fleece as noted on goat coat page.
Note: if the following sections do not apply to your order, you must select "does not apply to my order" from the options but if they apply you *MUST* select an option.
You can put all the product info in this product description line if ordering different items or sizes or colors.  Just leave a space between items.

Just be sure to put "see above in the other text boxes below.
I will email you to let you know I have received your order and I'm working on a total.
Once I get a total figured up, I will send you another email letting you know that I have sent you an invoice from Paypal for payment.

Please be 100% sure your mailing address on your Paypal payment is correct since this is where your order will be mailed and not to the address on your order form.

I can NOT update a buyer's account to their correct mailing address nor can I send orders to an address that is not on your payment, I can not change your address. This is Paypal rules for sellers that I have to mail items to the address on the transaction page, no exceptions. 

Buyer's you can UPDATE your address/email/etc. on Paypal on the profile link once you are Logged in. If you have moved, you need to update your Paypal account to your new mailing address. This is a buyer's responsibility to keep your info current and remember to delete the old address. Problems: call Paypal 1-888-221-1161.

If I have to refund a payment and resend you another request or invoice from Paypal because your shipping address is incorrect, there will be a $2 reprocessing charge.

NOTE: All lines/options with a * are REQUIRED. If not filled out/selected you will get an error message. 
Customer Info: 
*Closure choices behind ears for UV mesh cow masks ONLY. 
*Closure choices for throat latch for UV mesh cow masks ONLY. 
Hook/loop closure is the generic name for this brand name closure. It's the same type closure I've been using. 
This is NOT the metal slide/webbing closure. SEE picture at top of cow mask page.
*UV mesh cow fly mask closures.
If you are ordering a cow fly mask you *MUST* select a closure for behind ears and a closure for the throat latch. 

TOO many customers are selecting "does not apply to my order". If you are ordering a cow fly mask this DOES apply to your order and I need to know closure choices for BOTH. If you are wanting to order several masks and want to try different closures, you can select below for 1 or more masks and also put closure choices in the additional info line for other masks.
The only way I can take your credit/debit card is through Paypal. You don't have to have an account with Paypal to use it.

I can not process orders or take your credit card info sent through the contact link, via email or over the phone. 
Order form for products

If you don't want to fill out the order form to order products or need an item ready to ship you can purchase on Etsy with the exception of the cow fly masks since I only sell them here on my site.

Guest checkout available.
Click here for my Etsy shop.
I ONLY ship within the USA.

ALL boxes and options MUST be filled out, if not you will get an error message.

Please read: 
I'm only taking a limited amount of orders per month.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

My cow fly masks are only available for sale here through my website.
I do not sell them on Etsy or other online sites.
Notice Please read: 
I'm only taking a limited amount of orders per month.

Sorry for any inconvenience

Yes, I have a Paypal account
No, I do NOT have a Paypal account.
Postal money order only and must be received within 7 days of placing order.
Priority1st classParcel Select
hook/loop closure
1-bar buckle/webbing
1-quick release snap
Does not apply to my order
Blanket fleece
3-ply rayon/poly blend
white sherpa fleece
brown faux fur
Does not apply to my order
New customerReturning customer
Quick release closure
Metal slide/webbing closure
Does not apply to my order
Hook/loop closure
Metal slide/webbing closure
Does not apply to my order