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Dog snoods in all sizes.

Spring/Summer Snoods: 
Top 2 pictures: These are made out of a 100% polyester in these solid colors: rust, medium purple, midnite blue & light blue.These are slick on both sides. I have a dark purple, cinnamon, powder blue, olive green, gray, mauve, dark red,  chocolate,& tan microsuede (slick against the dog, brushed texture on the outside). 

Middle 2 pictures: These snoods are made out of 100% cotton. At this time these are the only 2 fabrics I have for these.

Fall/Winter Snoods: 
Bottom 2 pictures.
These snoods are made of  a 100% polar fleece in either solids, prints or plaids. For polar fleece colors that are available, click here. 

Prices: Spring/summer and fall/winter.
Spring/summer: $4.75 each.. 
Fall/winter: $7.00 each.
Fits most of the smallest toy breeds.

Spring/summer: $5.25. 
Fall/winter: $8.00 each.
Fits Miniature poodles and Shih Tzu

Spring/summer: $6.25 each. 
Fall/winter: $9.00 each.
Fits American English Cockerss, Cavaliers, etc.

Large regular 
Spring/Summer: $7.25 each. 
Fall/winter: $11.00 each.
Fits Springer Spaniels,Afghans, Standard Poodles, etc.

Large Wide 
Spring/Summer: $8.25 each.
Fall/winter: $12.00 each.
Fits Basset Hounds and Chows.

Polar Fleece Snoods for fall/winter
Snoods for spring/summer
Snoods for spring/summer