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Snoods and Bait Bags
Bait Bags
Great for dog show handlers, dog trainers and also great for everyday use when walking your dog to put your keys, treats, etc. in.
The bait bags are constructed out of a solid color water-resistant denier material, in black, navy, red, green, gray or natural.

The small bait bags measure approx. 4 1/2" x 4 1/2". They have a velcro closure and a tab on back with a loop and a safety pin.

Price: $4.00 each.
Dog snoods in all sizes.

Spring/Summer Snoods:
Top 2 pictures: These are made out of a 100% polyester in these solid colors: rust, medium purple, midnite blue & light blue.These are slick on both sides. I have a dark purple, cinnamon, powder blue, olive green, gray, mauve, dark red,  chocolate,& tan microsuede (slick against the dog, brushed texture on the outside).

Middle 2 pictures: These snoods are made out of 100% cotton. At this time these are the only 2 fabrics I have for these.

Fall/Winter Snoods:
Bottom 2 pictures.
These snoods are made of  a 100% polar fleece in either solids, prints or plaids. To see my 40+ polar fleece colors that are available, click here.

Prices: Spring/summer and fall/winter.
Spring/summer: $4.50 each..
Fall/winter: $7.00 each.
Fits most of the smallest toy breeds.

Fall/winter: $8.00 each.
Fits Miniature poodles and Shih Tzu

Spring/summer:$6.00 each.
Fall/winter: $9.00 each.
Fits American English Cockerss, Cavaliers, etc.

Large regular
Spring/Summer: $7.00 each.
Fall/winter: $11.00 each.
Fits Springer Spaniels,Afghans, Standard Poodles, etc.

Large Wide
Spring/Summer: $8.00 each.
Fall/winter: $12.00 each.
Fits Basset Hounds and Chows.

Polar Fleece Snoods for fall/winter
Snoods for spring/summer
Snoods for spring/summer