How to measure for horse blankets and goat coats/sheets & dog coats/PJ's and male dog diapers.

NOTE: For blankets and coats, Please measure exactly as shown for the animal you have, do not add inches to the length needed or your coat/blanket will end up being too long and will not fit correctly.

How to measure for horse blankets/sheets.
How to measure for goat coats/sheets.
How to measure for dog coats and PJ's.
How to measure for male dog diapers.
The measurement you get on the red line is the size coat you need to order.
If you get an odd # size, go up to the next size.
Example if you get 33" or 33 1/2" you need a 34" coat.

Drop. This is how long the sides of the coat will be.

The sides of the coat should NOT wrap up under the belly. If it does, it can interefere with the front/back legs.