Pictures our customers have sent of their cows/bulls wearing our UV cow fly masks.

This is Annie a 3 year old Dexter cow.
This is Maggie a 2 year old Dexter cow.
This is Bazgina a 2 year old a Dexter bull.
This is Sheldon a 2 year old Dexter steer.
This is a 15 year old Charolais cow from France. 
This is a Brangus bull. 
These 2 pictures above are of a 14 month Limousin bull.
This is a Brangus yearling bull.
This is a 17 year old Limousin bull from Australia. 

Annie (green mask) is a 4 year old Dexter cow and Bazinga (pink mask) is a 3 year old Dexter bull still wearing their  fly masks the following year.

This is a 2 year old mini belted Galloway cow.
The cow on the left and the cow on the right are yearling brahma crosses and the one in the center is a 7 month old Brahma bull. All are wearing the regular size cow mask.
Above is Honey a grown Angus cow wearing a regular size fly mask. The customer from OR that sent us the 4 pictures below also sent us these.
A customer from OR sent us the pictures above of their grown Lowline Angus bull (left) and miniature Hereford cow (right) wearing our regular size cow UV mesh fly mask.

They also sent us these 2 pictures below of 2 minihereford/lowline Angus calves that are around 8-9 months old wearing our small masks. They weigh approx. 350-400 lbs.
The 3 pictures above and to the left were sent by a customer in NC. The Black Angus (Betty) is 4 years old and wearing a reg. size mask. The other cow, a mixed breed is 12 years old (Butterscotch) and wearing a large size mask.
A customer from NM sent these 2 pictures above of her dwarf mini Hereford cow wearing a regular size mask.
A customer from AZ sent us these 4 pictures above and below. The 2 above are 4 month old Hereford/braham crosses, 250-300 lbs and are wearing small size masks. The pictures below are a grown Hereford cow wearing a regular size mask.
A customer from NC sent us the 2 pictures above. On the left a full grown Jersey cow wearing a large size mask and on the right a year old Jersey cow wearing a regular size mask. in CA sent us this picture of 3 of their resuce cows.
From left, Faith, Grace & Buttercup.

Faith is wearing a large mask and Grace and Buttercup are wearing a regular size mask.

Check out their site .
A customer from NY sent us these 5 pictures of her Mini Herefords.

The 2 picture above are a full grown cow, around 800 lbs.

The 2 pictures below is a yearling and weighs around 350-400 lbs.

The picture on the right is both the cow (on right) and yearling (on left) together.

The grown cows are wearing a regular fly mask and the yearlings are wearing a small fly mask.