Cow UV Fly Masks

These masks have 2 options available to connect the mask behind the ears. 

The first 2 pictures on the left show the quick release closure. This closure consists of one side of the quick release snap/webbing sewn on one end of the mask and a longer piece of webbing/slide and the other side of the snap sewn on the other side which will be the only side you adjust. This can be adjusted to fit as needed using the slide, the snap or both. Once adjusted, you don't have to adjust it again. Just release to take if off and snap it together to put it back on.

The other type of closure will consist of a 1 1/2" slide & webbing sewn only on one end and a long piece of 1 1/2" webbing sewn on the other end.  

See both pictures, left. Top picture is the webbing threaded through the slide one time. Bottom picture shows the webbing doubled back through the slide.
Either way works and is secure.

To adjust this type, you have to put the webbing in the slide and tighten or loosen up to get it to fit properly.

If your cow has horns you would have to take the webbing out of slide to put on 

If your cows do not have horns you wouldn't have to take the webbing out of the slide.
Once adjusted, you could leave as is and just slip on over the head/ears.

XXSmall: $10.00
XSmall: $10.50
Small: $10.95.
Regular: $12.95.
Large: $14.95.

When ordering you'll see 2 options where you can select which type of closure behind ears and which type of throat latch. You "must" select one of the options for each closure.

My cow fly masks are constructed of the same name brand UV poly mesh we use for my horse fly masks. It is bound in black binding.

These are my own patterns from doing months of research with cattle breeders and making and sending prototypes to get patterns and sizes worked out for all sizes of cattle.

These can have either a hook/loop closure or slide/webbing adjustment throat latch.

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This is a 2 year old Scotthish Highlander cow wearing my regular size cow mask

This is a Butterscotch, a 12 year old mixed breed cow wearing my large fly mask.

Use this diagram and picture below to help you determine which size is best.

It's best to measure center of eye to center of eye or from outside corners of eyes.
This is the blue line on the diagram.


If measurement at red line on Dexter below is:
  21"-24" you need the XXsmall
23"-26" you need the Xsmall.
28"-32" you need the small.
  36"-40" you need the regular.
                                             44"-48" you need the large.

This sizes above are with the velcro adjustment.

With the slide/webbing adjustment the masks will adjust a few inches smaller and can be adjusted a few inches longer than the smallest and largest measurement above.

The slide/webbing adjustment works good for cattle that are between sizes or for cattle with really thick throats.

Please check out pictures of different breeds of cattle on my customer page links below. I try to put the breed of cattle, age and size of mask to help with ordering.

Cow masks are another method of helping prevent the spread of pink eye without the use of chemical fly sprays.

These are my 2 styles of our cow UV fly masks.

The celery mask on the left has a slide/webbing throat latch adjustment. This style is good for cows with a thick throat/neck since it allows for more adjustment.

The red mask on the right has the hook/loop closure adjustment.

SEE below for link to mesh fabrics and prices.

This is a 3-4 month old hereford/braham cross wearing my small fly mask.

Need it quick?
This is a 2 month old mini hereford calf wearing my Xsmall fly mask.

These calves are an angus/hereford mix and angus around 2-2 1/2 months old. Both wearing a XXSmall calf mask.
I only ship within the USA, no exceptions.