Goat/Sheep Tubes
These are used after clipping or bathing to keep your goat or sheep clean before and during the shows. These also can be used under a coat for extra warmth.
These are manufactured out of a brand name performance 4-way stretch knit, polyester/nylon/lycra material. This provides warmth, prevents fungis, keeps them clean, is breathable and wicks moisture away.  Colors: light brown, medium brown, beige, lime green (pictured above), olive green, maroon, orange and black. This material is far superior to cotton at wicking moisture away from your goats. This material will not get stretched out of shape or fade like cotton tubes do. 

These are not sized by weight. The measurements given below next to each size is overall length of  your goat. This is the size you will need to order from the sizes below

 Prices for Dryline tubes that will fit a goat/sheep:
Small (fits 22"-28" length goats)................$15.00
Medium (fits 30"-36" length goats)............$17.00
Large (fits 38"-44" length goats)................$19.00

Above are 2 pictures a customer in OK sent me of one of his goats wearing one of our tubes. Thanks, Randy for sending these.

To the left is a maroon tube to show how they look not on a goat/sheep. These are put on over the head and each leg is put into the tube. These do not have a zipper or any type of closure. Machine washable and dryable on low heat.
Measure your goat or sheep exactly the same way as shown on picture where the red line is to get the overall length.

We will need this measurement when you order.

Example if your goat measures 32" going by this picture, you need a Medium size tube.
This page was last updated on: November 17, 2020
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I will need your goats measurements in addition to small, medium or large.

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